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642500: PEAGASUS EFI PFI 2006

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Pegasus Performance EFI Kit from BDL
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Not just a replacement ECU but an ENTIRE engine management system for any V-Twin engine. Kit includes everything you need for a turn-key system; throttle body, fuel injectors, ECU, sensors, fuel pump, ignition coils, wiring harness, and all mounting brackets! By combining both electronic fuel injection and ignition control into a single package, you can expect: much more power, better fuel economy, crisper throttle response, easier starts, and complete adjustability. It is not a replacement brain for a motorcycle already equipped with fuel injection. PFI, along with Belt Drives LTD, started with a clean sheet of paper and designed a system which would meet the fuel and ignition needs that are specific to this style of engine. There are few bells and whistles, the minimum number of sensors, no automatic choke. What it does do is perform extremely well. The system is easy to install, and easier to adjust. Adjusting the PFI system is quite simple and there are three options: 1.Use the knob on top of the control unit to richen/lean the fuel mixture. Use the stock ignition sensor plate to adjust the ignition timing. 2.Use a personal desktop assistant (PDA) to adjust both fuel and timing as well as other parameters. 3.Use a laptop or personal computer for complete control over your entire system. Key Features Include: • Advanced semiconductor electronics controls both fuel and ignition • Single fire ignition and sequential timed injection • Multiple spark discharge • Easy adjustments by rotary switch, PDA, or laptop • Uses automotive sensors that are available everywhere • Teflon coated, silver alloy wire and weatherproof connectors • Billet aluminum 53mm throttle body for enhanced fuel atomization • Easy to tune use the spark plug method or use our closed loop control and dyno tuning! • Designed and made in the USA!

Approximate Weight: 12.50 lbs

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