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From Gary, the bike's owner:

A year long project that finally saw completion with the addition of the Revtech Inferno wheels from Retrocycle, this 1996 Dyna Wide Glide began a journey of some note. Through back door communications with a band member to the KISS webmaster, and then approvals from Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, the bike was uploaded onto KISS's website on October 27-29 and was front page for three days. While still on their sites, it is further back in 'old news'. It was also posted on KISS's Facebook and Twitter. Hundreds of comments from all over the world came in on the Facebook page.

Although completed late in the 2009 bike show season, the KTH (KISS TRIBUTE HARLEY) made it to two bike shows, and fans came to look, take pictures, talk about the band and the ALIVE35 Tour, which ends December 15, 2009. They will start their Sonic Boom Over Europe Tour next summer. Another KISS themed bike is in Tacoma WA, and the two bikes will meet up this summer at the Redwood Run in Northern California, and give fans KISSgasms. 

The "real fire" flames on the tank, coupled with the INFERNO wheels, represent the fire and flames that KISS is known for at their concerts. The KISS Army logo on the front fender is leading the way, as fans have done since the beginning. The KISS logo on the tank is in silver leaf, for all the silver studs they wear on their black costumes.

The KTH will be seen at bike shows throughout Northern California and Nevada in the coming years. Look for it at bike shows and motorcycle events. Photos may be taken and fans will be allowed, in the presence of the owner, to sit on it for photos. KISS started in 1974 and is still going strong, with legions of faithful fans called the KISS Army. The band says they will leave the stage when they are damn well ready to. Until that time, they will continue their fun, flames and frolic, over the top rock stage shows. If one has not seen a KISS show in person, it is difficult to explain, one must experience it. Taking a line from one of their recent songs on the new album Sonic Boom, IF ITS TOO LOUD, YOU"RE TOO OLD!

See the KISS tribute bike at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines show in Half Moon Bay, CA.

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Revtech Inferno Front Wheel

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